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Eceen Charger Specifications


  ECE-665  ECE-644 ECE-647  ECE-626 
Product size opened 341*167mm 355mm*165mm 325*305mm 323mm*355mm
Product size folded not folding 175*165mm 170*305mm 323 mm*178mm
Power(Pmax) One panel 5.5W Two panels, 6.5W Two panels, 10W Two panels, 13W
Voltage at max power (Vmp) 5V 5V 5.5V 6V
Current at Pmax(Imp) 1A 1A 1.5A 2A
Output:  1 USB 1 USB 1 USB Dual USB: charge 2 devices 
Weight  270g 120g 380 g 470g


Material Polyester 600D

Mono-crystalline SUNPOWER® solar cells

Excellent efficiency rate 22%

Light weight and compact

Water resistant and good outdoor durability

Operating temperature -40°C-+85°C

Unique voltage regulator to ensure stable voltage and current

Accessories: micro USB cable and carabiner (carabiner not in ECE-665)


Examples of one hour charging:


ECE-644 and Lumia 630: +28% of battery capacity

ECE-626 and Samsung AC4: +32% of battery capacity

ECE-626 and Lumia 950: +27% of battery capacity